Hot Pot Night

Last February, my friends and I decided to eat hotpot for our night out. Eventually, I decided to host our dinner at home, since I have the tools and equipment at hand. Also, I wanted to try making my own marinades and sauce for the hotpot party.

So here is how we did it:

Gather all your materials for your sauce. Personally, I use satay, sesame oil, watered down soy sauce, wansoy, green onions or leeks, ginger, a lot of garlic and some peanut butter. Remember, most of the flavor will come from your sauce!



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Food Dump!


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Ho Hung Kee

On a short trip to HK, we tried Ho Hung Kee because it was really near our hotel. From the signage up front, it says that it is a one star Michelin resto.


We ordered the century egg congee, wonton noodles (their specialty) and the stir-fried hofan.

So what do I think? Well it was okay, but I’ve had better really. The best thing of the three items we tried that night was the hofan, and this isn’t their #1 dish even! Funny, because our neighbors (I think they were Japanese tourists) spied our hofan, and also ordered! hahaha!

For beef wanton noodle, I still think my fave noodle place in Richmond is the best.

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Mesa (Megamall)

People coming over from abroad usually means one thing: Filipino food-fest! And this time, we decided to go for Mesa.

Since our group was only made up of three people, we just ordered the following: Laing in two ways, Baked Mussels and of course, Crispy Pata!


The laing was good, and you would need a lot of rice to go with it. As for the crispy pata, it was good, but I still like Abe’s crispy pata better (And yes, we also had Abe which I will post about in a few weeks).

We had fun eating at Mesa, but I would say book a table or go there early because a lot of families do eat here especially during the weekends!

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Homemade Fresh Lumpia

A few weeks ago, my maid and I decided to try making homemade lumpia. This is pretty standard for any Chinese household, especially for parties. So after looking for recipes, this is what we came up with:

Fresh Lumpia

I know there is a lot of ingredients, and toppings like Hoti and crushed peanuts, not to mention you need to chop a lot of garlic and veggies, but with my chopper it makes a quick job out of all these. Continue reading

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My friends love Nihonbashitei. Work week sucks? Well, we’ll go to Nihon on a Friday night. Want Japanese food that is both quality and pocket-friendly? Again we go to Nihon.

So one Saturday dinner, I walk in and see my friends waiting for a table too! We decide to just eat together. And yes, we ordered a lot! Yey!


BACON wrapped asparagus, Tonkatsu Curry, Eel bento set, Lapu Lapu sashimi, gyoza, clams and Spicy Tuna Roll! Yummy! Comfort food for me, I hope though they open a branch near my house!

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Working in Quezon City gives me a chance to try places that I would normally visit. Since some of our officemates live around this area, they suggested F.I.S.H. for a birthday celebration, which our boss approves of since they offer videoke rooms (and no, I don’t sing).

Aside from the videoke, I find that the food here is both reasonable and pretty tasty, and makes a good alternative to places like Gerry’s or Dencios.

For our starters, we got Kilawin which was very fresh and light. We also added the staples: rice, ensaladang mangga and kangkong. Continue reading

President (Binondo)

Everytime I go to President with my parents, we eat the same thing, and I am not complaining!

We always get steamed suahe (and we always run out of it, even if we order more than the last time). Then we get sotanghon crab, yum! Really flavorful noodles even if I hate cracking open crab shells. We also get a steamed King Fish (which really is just a huge tilapia with softer meat) and salted fish fried rice.


Oh, this time, we also got a sizzling beef plate just to add protein to our meal because the “little” sister was with us. Hahaha!

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Kamote Pie with Mallow Topping

This week’s post is about my little experiment with kamote, specifically the white native variety. I bought a big batch of kamote, boiled it until it was very tender before mashing it. I pressed it through a sieve just to make sure it was smooth and even before I added my other ingredients like milk and spices.

Kamote Pie

I prepped up the graham cracker crust, poured the filling in and baked it until it was set. While the pie was cooling, I whipped up a batch of marshmallow topping, which I spread on top of the cooled pie before returning it to the top rack of my oven (watch it very carefully at this point because it can burn really quickly). And there you have it! I liked the pie right out of the refrigerator and a small slice is enough. The filling was quite rich but not too sweet. The great thing about this is you could make so much from a kilo of kamote. I was able to fill 3 8-inch pies and a dozen cupcake-sized ones.

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